Memorial Awards

Three memorial award lectures will be delivered by eminent researchers during the congress

  • Prof. S.K. Sinha Memorial Award
  • Prof. G.V. Joshi Memorial Award
  • Prof. K.K. Nanda Memorial Award

Young Scientist Awards

Criteria for selection ISPP-Young Scientist Gold Medal Awards-2018

Maximum ten participants will be selected based on the score in academics, publications and significant research findings

Score Card for Selection of Young Scientist Award

1. Importance and relevance of research findings presented (background, review of literature, hypothesis and significant findings) : 20
2. Slide preparation and presentation : 10
3. Confidence level : 10
4. Observing time limit : 10
5. Capability to answer the questions : 15
6. Academic excellence (Recipient of CSIR, UGC, INSPIRE, Rajiv Gandhi any other Important National Fellowship/Gold Medal) : 10
7. Publications (No. of publications with NAAS rating) : 25
Total 100

Detailed guidelines:

  • Area of the research should be in-line with the Societies mandated areas of research.
  • The candidate must give a power point presentation and adhere to the time limit i.e. eight minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for answering the queries raised by the experts/audience. Exceeding the time limit will have negative marking.
  • The candidate will be judged on the basis of capability to answer maximum questions.
  • Academic excellence weightage: >60% marks at B.Sc. (1 mark), M.Sc. (2 mark) and Ph.D. (2 marks), and National Fellowship/University Gold Medal (5 marks). CSIR, UGC, INSPIRE, Rajiv Gandhi any other Important National Fellowship (2.5 marks each)
  • Publications other than NAAS rating journals will get 1.5 marks each. Patent granted 5 marks each, patent filed 3 marks each.

Candidates may submit brief CV as per the format given below through mail (,

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Qualification

DegreeUniversity/InstitutePercentage marksYear
Any other

4. Fellowship/University Gold Medal

5. Publication in referred journal with NAAS rating

6. Abstract

Thrust Areas

  • Abiotic Stress: Adaptation and Management

  • Biotic Stress: Management and Interactions

  • Genomics-assisted Plant Improvement

  • Molecular and Chemical Ecology

  • Plant Metabolism and Metabolomics

  • Post-harvest & Reproductive Biology

  • Plant Growth Regulators and Applications

  • Biofortification, Neutraceuticals and Phytochemicals

  • Climate Change Impacts and Crop Modelling

  • Computational & Systems Biology

  • Genomics and Epigenomics

  • Photosynthesis & Crop Productivity

  • Plant Nutrition: Physiology and Genetics

  • Signaling and Plant Development

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