Program Committee

A.K. Tyagi, UDSC, New Delhi Chairperson
Prabodh K. Trivedi, Lucknow Co-chair
A.P. Sane, NBRI, Lucknow
Ajay Arora, IARI, New Delhi
Ajit Kumar Shasany, CIMAP, Lucknow
Ashwani Pareek, JNU, New Delhi
Madan Pal, IARI, New Delhi
Mehar H. Asif, Lucknow
Paramjit Khurana, UDSC, New Delhi
Samir V. Sawant, Lucknow
Sanjay Kapoor, UDSC, New Delhi
V. Chinnusamy, IARI, New Delhi

Thrust Areas

  • Abiotic Stress: Adaptation and Management

  • Biotic Stress: Management and Interactions

  • Genomics-assisted Plant Improvement

  • Molecular and Chemical Ecology

  • Plant Metabolism and Metabolomics

  • Post-harvest & Reproductive Biology

  • Plant Growth Regulators and Applications

  • Biofortification, Neutraceuticals and Phytochemicals

  • Climate Change Impacts and Crop Modelling

  • Computational & Systems Biology

  • Genomics and Epigenomics

  • Photosynthesis & Crop Productivity

  • Plant Nutrition: Physiology and Genetics

  • Signaling and Plant Development

Days to go

Conference Secretariat

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Official Conference Manager

Neeraj Jaggi | +91-9810658724,
Rajat Khurana | +91-9811911800
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Distt. Centre Saket, New Delhi-110017